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My KD Company LLC is a proud sponsor of the Nick Beaver Racing Team! He races at the Elko Speedway and we are very proud of Nick Beaver for his racing skills, abilities, and accomplishments!



Nick Beaver has a YouTube page!  Check out the Big 8 Features and heats that he has raced in!


Nick Beaver is in the top 100 ranking amongst drivers competing in the Division II-Asphalt category at NASCAR!


Elko Speedway held their 2014 Champions Banquet in October. The Nick Beaver racing team was presented with the Elko Speedway Goodwill award. Nick and his crew displayed true sportsmanship when they befriended Rylie, a local autistic girl. The Beaver team made her part of their crew and shared their success on the track with her and her family by giving them the trophy after winning a race. That gesture and continued support is cherished by Rylie and her family. The entire room stood in appreciation when the Beaver race team, along with Riley, all came on stage to accept the award.

August 23, 2014 The Nick Beaver Racing Team Races at Elko Speedway!

August 22, 2014 The Beaver Racing Team travels to Mississippi Thunder Speedway in Fountain City, Wisconsin.  We went to watch Chris Loberg and his daughter Elizabeth race on the dirt track.  Chris Loberg had Nick Beaver drive his #15 A-Modified holding the American Flag during the National Anthem.  What a sight to see!!!  Loberg's Auto Glass sponsored the races at Mississippi Thunder Speedway.

August 16, 2014 Today was a very special day for the Beaver Racing Team!  What a special night for Rylie! Nick Beaver Racing presented Rylie with the trophy from their feature win a couple of weeks ago for being their #1 biggest fan! She also was given an official jersey with her name on it! She's over the moon with excitement! So grateful for their kindness and generosity!

August 9, 2014 Nick Beaver finishes fifth in the Big 8 Feature race.  We had an unexpected visitor, racing legend Blackie Wangerin stopped by to watch Nick race!  He and Skip go way back and it was fun to hear them reminisce about their past racing experiences!


August 2, 2014  Nick Beaver takes FIRST place in the first Big 8 Feature race!!  Elko Speedway hosted the Eve of Destruction and it was double feature night for the Big 8's.  For the first feature race Nick started second and finished first.  In the second feature race Nick started last and finished 7th.  Great racing Nick!!



July 26, 2014  Nick Beaver Takes First Place in the Big 8 Heat Race!!  Congratulations Nick!!  He started 7th for the Big 8 Feature and he finished in 3rd place!!  Great Racing Nick, we are so PROUD of you!!!



July 19, 2014 My Kd Company LLC gave away 100 Kan Do, Dont Tell Me I Kan't Hats at Elko Speedway!!  We like to make our fans happy!!!



July 12, 2014 Nick Beaver races at Elko Speedway!!



July 5, 2014 at Elko Speedway Nick Beaver takes FIRST place in the Big 8 Heat race!  He started 12th for the Big 8 Feature race and finished in 6th place! 

Great Job Racing Nick!



June 28, 2014 at Elko Speedway we got rained out,

but here are some fun pictures!



June 21, 2014 Elko Speedway hosted the ARCA Series AKONA 250.  We got to meet racing legend James Hylton.  Nick Beaver got his picture taken last year with James Hylton on pit road.  This was James last year racing in the ARCA Series.



Race Day June 7, 2014




Nick Beaver Takes First Place!!!




Race Day May 24, 2014 at Elko Speedway!!  Nick Beaver placed 3rd in the Big 8"s Feature!!  Congratulations Nick and the Beaver Racing Team!!!



Race Day May 10, 2014 at Elko Speedway,

We got rained out!!



More fun pictures of our Journey with the

Nick Beaver Racing Team!



Nick Beaver in the Winners Circle at

Elko Speedway 2013!!!


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Elko Speedway 2015 Racing Schedule





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